While pursuing a BA in literature at Bard College in upstate NY, I chose to focus my studies on maternity in literature, which eventually evolved into a senior thesis on memoirs of motherhood. After looking at pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood through an analytical lens, I felt moved to become involved in the birth process in a hands-on way. I trained as a doula soon after graduation.

I am now a certified birth doula through DONA International. I have attended over 300 births at hospitals, homes, and birth-centers since 2002. In 2005, I became a certified lactation educator, so that I could better support my clients and help them overcome breastfeeding challenges. After five years of providing breastfeeding support, I decided to further my education in breastfeeding and completed my lactation consultant training in the spring of 2011.

Additionally, I am an assistant to a home birth midwife. In this capacity, I have attended countless home deliveries since 2005.

I provide birth doula services and lactation support throughout Los Angeles.