I provide comprehensive birth doula support as well as lactation consultation. Below you will find a detailed explanation of my services, but please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have questions about what I can offer.

Birth Doula Services

•2-3 prenatal visits: These visits give us time to get to know each other so that I may support you in an informed way. I also help to prepare for you the birth and provide education about the labor process.

•Prenatal binder: This is a collection of handouts on pregnancy, labor and postpartum, which I will give to you at the first prenatal visit.

•Unlimited phone/email support: I am available to you for questions, problems, referrals and other resources from the time I am contracted to work with you.

•24 hour on call availability: I am available for labor support from the time I am contracted.

•Labor support at the time of the birth: I will provide phone support in the early hours of labor and then in-person support from the time you request my presence until 1-2 hours after the birth of your baby.

•Assistance with initial breastfeeding. As a lactation consultant, I am uniquely qualified to assist you during your first breastfeed, in the first hour of the baby's life.

•2-3 postpartum visits: I will visit with you at your home or in the hospital to provide breastfeeding support and education, guidance with newborn care, and to reflect on the birth experience.

Lactation Consultation

I am available for breastfeeding support at your home or in the hospital, whether or not I act as your birth doula. These services include visits that are 1-2 hours in length during which I will address the issues at hand and answer any questions you may have. Afterwards, I will provide phone and email support as needed. If contacted in advance of the birth, a prenatal consultation can be scheduled. This is a one hour visit during which we can discuss strategies to help you achieve breastfeeding success. If you have concerns or risk factors that may lead to complications (ex: prior breast surgery, or previous difficulty with breastfeeding, etc), this visit can be an invaluable part of the process.