Upon first meeting Elena, I felt like I had known her for years–she has this extremely comforting and calm energy about her. Elena was an amazing resource, support, coach and friend throughout my pregnancy, labor and postpartum. She is nurturing and kind, soft-spoken yet strong, creative (especially when dealing with hospital politics) and extremely intuitive...I cannot stress how essential Elena was in the first days postpartum as well. I struggled greatly with breastfeeding and Elena went above and beyond her call of duty to help me work through issue after issue with patience, expertise and unwavering empathy. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about all things labor and lactation.
–Michelle G

I honestly would not have been able to breastfeed my child without Elena. We had many challenges (jaundice, trouble latching, slow weight gain, inadequate supply, etc.) and all were overcome with her help. She embodied expertise and compassion in equal measure and we needed a lot of both! We even shared some much needed laughs along the way. She is extremely passionate about her work and it makes all the difference. I have also referred several friends to her and received glowing reports about their experiences as well.
–Margaret M

I believe having Elena by our side made all the difference in the world. She spent so much time with us prior to my labor, reviewing all our options and helping us make the choices we felt were right for us. Elena always had the answers I needed, as I ask a LOT of questions. Once we were home from the hospital she helped us on a regular basis when I was overwhelmed caring for infant twins and was integral in helping me through the breastfeeding challenges I faced. She was always patient, supportive, kind, and had a sense of humor about it all (when we were stressed beyond belief). Elena has a very sweet spirit and is so easy to be around. She is also the voice of experience and is able to advocate for her clients in a diplomatic, strong, confident way that puts everyone at ease. We are very grateful for all the ways she was able to be there for us.
–Elizabeth F

I was surprised to learn how supportive she was of me, as well as my wife, and she definitely took the pressure off of me to know exactly what to do in the moment. She helped me work through my fears and doubts, months prior to the delivery, and allowed me to be more fully present with my wife during our delivery. She was our advocate, teacher, therapist, nurturer, and great source of strength and comfort, especially when complications arose. We were both incredibly comfortable around Elena from the start and cannot recommend her more highly.
–Duane F